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What is CoreChange?


Who/What is CoreChange?

CoreChange is made up of a diverse group of community and institutional leaders, and is co-chaired by Victor Garcia and Byron P. White, with guidance from the CoreChange Steering Committee and Design Team, and coordination from the Community Building Institute.

A Systems Focus on the Urban Core
Using proven planning methodologies of Appreciative Inquiry, Systems Thinking, Asset-Based Community Development and Design Thinking, CoreChange will compliment regional planning efforts by addressing three objective that have proven challenging to sustain:

• Systemic solutions aimed at urban poverty and its effects
• Effective civic investment by the residents most impacted by those conditions
• A conviction of shared accountability for urban problems among those who live outside the core.

Community engagement, a speaker series, working groups and a fluid organization all contribute to CoreChange for our region. These efforts involve participants from all sectors of the community.

Our Vision and Mission

CoreChange is a community-wide effort to bring together improbable partners to co-create solutions that unleash the possibilities of the urban core.

The primary strategy for accomplishing this is an integrated compendium of:
• Tools
• Methodologies
• Practices
• Skills

that will transform even the most challenged neighborhoods into “learning organizations,” and our region into learning communities of practice groups of people who continually enhance their capacity to create the future, they truly desire and want to create; where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people, all stakeholders, are continually learning to see the whole together.

A Look Into Our Work


Community Discussions

Community discussions are where it all starts.  Five to twelve members of the community meet for a single session. Directed by a CoreChange trained Community Discussion Leader, the group shares their perspective of the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities they see within the community. There’s also information shared from the Leader on how to take action, and the next steps. Included in this step is an overview of the various Work Groups, how to participate in an existing Work Group, and how to start one.

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The CoreChange Summit

Held in February 2012, The Summit was an initiative to bring all segments of the community together to produce solutions to overcome challenges in the community largely through economic inclusion. The CoreChange Summit, a three day event, was designed to fuse together institutional and community expertise to produce solutions that cannot be imagined otherwise.


Waterfields, LLC

Waterfields, LLC is a for profit company inspired by the Lower Price Hill community. We are leveraging local capacity to realize a more healthy, peaceful and prosperous neighborhood through full time employment in year-round urban agriculture. Our sustainable business model applies proven technology and deploys underutilized community assets to generate a cornerstone business by and for the people of Lower Price Hill.

The mission of Waterfields is to create and develop healthy, sustainable urban agricultural businesses in areas of concentrated poverty and disadvantaged neighborhoods that provide local residents with meaningful work, livable wages, health benefits, and opportunities for individual growth, advancement and wealth creation. Waterfields will employ neighborhood residents at locations that are easily accessible to them, in profitable, sustainable industrial-scale agricultural facilities, producing high quality fish (initially Tilapia), varietal lettuce, herbs and micro greens, year-round.

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Get Involved


  • We need your help: Whether through a donation, a community connection, volunteering your time - choose to be a part of CoreChange in Cincinnati now! All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made through InterAct for Change. A donation to the CoreChange Restricted Fund can be made by making a check out to InterAct for Change with CoreChange Restricted Fund in the memo of the check. If you would like to make a donation using a credit card, contact Cliff Hastings at 513-458-6635. Simply indicate that the donation is being made to the CoreChange Restricted Fund at InterAct for Change.

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