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Front Porch Posts Craft

Front porch posts add a rustic patina to craft projects in the home. Whether you choose to leave the service in its original condition with layers of paint peels to reveal a wooden underside. A clothes hanger, coffee table and shelves are some of the many projects that you can design around a porch post bargain. If you cannot find an old post, take a trip to the hardware store to see new opportunities.

Cedar Front Porch Posts

Cedar Front Porch Posts


12 Inspiration Gallery from Front Porch Posts Craft

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Image of: Rustic Front Porch Posts
Image of: Nice Look Front Porch Posts
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Image of: Large Front Porch Posts
Image of: Great Front Porch Posts
Image of: Front Porch Posts Railing
Image of: Farmhouse Front Porch Posts
Image of: Design Front Porch Posts
Image of: Custom Front Porch Posts
Image of: Country Front Porch Posts
Image of: Cedar Front Porch Posts

Depending on the height of the front porch posts, cut the post into three or four smaller posts to make coffee table legs. Options for a table top include an old window, a facade glass piece, a granite plate and recycled wood ribs. Design something by character by mixing the old with the new one. For example, if you have new porch posts for your legs, look for recycled slats of padded wood to the desk. Similarly, for old porch insert legs, choose a stylish granite counter top.

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Combine a front porch posts insert with metal hooks and a base of angled table legs to design an original clothes hanger for your home. Change the posts, if old, you can leave, which is or sand and paint white or any other color to match the interior of your home. Look for ornate hooks in wrought iron patterns and attach them to different levels to accommodate the different heights of your family members. Use a new post and decorate with vintage hooks, which you will find in flea markets, secondhand stores or online.


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